Meditation Workshops

shutterstock_121998001Meditation is a powerful technique for developing a peaceful mind and inner good qualities. The meditation workshops provide quality meditation with clear explanations of the skills required to create stillness within, but are shorter and lighter than our day courses.

A meditation workshop consists of two sessions that include guided meditations, explanation, and discussion. The emphasis is on practicing meditation and applying the experience we gain from it to improve the quality of our life.

Workshops are a perfect way to both relax and develop internally. They are ideal for those who are new to meditation and those who would like to improve.

The cost of the workshop is £12 (GP Centre Card £5).


Learn to Meditate in Half a Day

Buddha Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Keighley

Saturday 13 Jun, 10am – 1pm

Learn simple meditations that will enable you to develop and maintain a deep experience of inner peace and find lasting happiness and contentment.


Take Control of Your Life

Buddha Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Keighley

Saturday 11 Jul, 10am – 1pm

Discover the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. This workshop will focus on meditations that enable us to relax and think positively


Living in Peace and Harmony

Buddha Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Keighley

Saturday 15 Aug, 10am – 1pm

Experience powerful meditations on love and compassion that transform all daily activities into opportunities for spiritual growth and happiness.